Our Sacred Stories is a full day workshop with personal renewal as its focus. Perfect for anyone who seeks to regain personal and/or professional motivation, or who simply needs to reconnect with the thread of their own life, this workshop focuses on gaining clarity, confidence and insights through telling our own stories. Our stories are one of the most sacred things we carry with us, yet they often get shoved aside and forgotten in our busy lives – and in taking care of other people and their stories.


Through individual and group exercises, deep listening and reflection, we’ll rekindle the flame of our personal journey, re-frame stories that don’t serve us anymore and dare to create the story of our future. This 8.5 hour workshop includes all material. Water, lunch and snacks will be provided. $75.00 in advance. Limited to 20.

Materials included: Sacred Story Journal, Sacred Story Meditation and Activity Guide (e-versions) and craft/writing supplies.


Hard copy versions of Sacred Story Journal and Sacred Story Meditation are available for an additional $25/each.

The simple process of telling our story holds

transformational power.

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