Gratitude keeps us open, tender and strong. It is the soft spot that enables us to keep our perspective and realize abundance.

Gifts of Gratitude is a unique workshop devoted to generating a gratitude-enriched life. While we can often clearly see things we don’t have – or don’t have yet, anyway – focusing on defining and expressing gratitude for the things we always have in the present moment is an easily accessible gateway to creating further abundance, both in our inner and outer lives.


Through the exploration of 10 abstract gifts we can collectively identify with, as well as uniquely claim for ourselves, this workshop’s purpose is to provide the tools for gaining greater peace, purpose and fulfillment. This is a 5.5 hour commitment and includes all materials. Water and snacks will be provided. $55 in advance. Limited to 20.

Materials included: Gifts for Everyone Workbook (e-version) and craft/writing supplies.


Hardcopies of Gifts for Everyone Workbook are available for an additional $15/each.

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